Refund Policy

Congratulate All Our Customers

"First we would like to congratulate all our customers who used our services. Due to some constraints, we would not be able to sign up more customers and would not be able to renew the service contract of existing customers once these are expired. For the existing customers whose contracts periods are still pending, we are committed providing the services till the contract period expires successfully between us.


Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied that your computer is more secure with installed Entricks Products , please contact us within 15-days of purchase for a full refund.

Yes, for all Entricks products we provide a 15-day, money back guarantee. This cooling-off period is designed to ensure that you are happy with your purchase of Entricks software and to remove any risk from your purchase.

Beyond this cooling-off period, Entricks will not normally give refunds if you change your mind. We do however provide 24/7 products support and will happily solve any technical challenges you encounter with our software.

Disclaimer : Entricks Software is One Stop Solutions. Entricks Software is an authorized reseller of Software Security products.


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